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The Cloud is a term that has taken the IT and business world by storm over the last couple of years. The term generally has a very broad meaning but in most cases relates to any technology you or your business uses outside your building. 

Cloud computing is the use of computing resources (hardware and software) that are delivered as a service over the Internet. 

DMS Consulting offers a variety of cloud-based email, productivity, and data backup solutions that are tailored specifically for your business' needs. We can not only help with the selection and implementation of these cloud-based solutions, but also provide the technical expertise to ensure they will run properly in your environment.



Sooner or later, your business will need more space for data storage. Information in the form of e-mails, documents, presentations, databases, graphics, audio files and spreadsheets is the lifeblood of most companies, and the applications that run and protect your business require a lot of disk space. 

The many data storage options available to businesses provide even more questions than ever before. Let DMS Consulting help you develop and deploy the right plan for which options best meet your business's current and future needs. 

Don't wait until you need more storage before deciding what to do. Start planning now for your future storage needs, so you won't waste time and money later.



Protect the business you've worked so hard to build. 

As our reliance on technology for business functionality increases the threats to your company's critical business data and infrastructure are more present than ever before. There's no such thing as a minor disruption. Any event that prevents work from happening can be catastrophic for a business. 

The reality is that disasters happen every day. Over the years DMS Consulting's team of experts has helped many of its clients recover and continue operations after experiencing a disaster scenario that otherwise would have crippled their operations. The ability of an organization to recover from a disaster is directly related to its degree of disaster recovery planning before the disaster. 

Disaster recovery planning is critical to the survival of your company. We will conduct an analysis of your business processes and business continuity needs to ensure that you will be able to either maintain or quickly resume mission-critical functions in case disaster strikes. 

We understand that disaster recovery can be expensive, so we can offer you an experienced team that can help you choose the right solutions based on your risk tolerance, and ensure they're optimized to meet your recovery objectives and budget. 

DMS Consulting will help you reduce or avoid revenue losses; protect your mission-critical data by leveraging our infrastructure and support services; reduce downtime and increase employee productivity; enabling you to resume business and protect your reputation when disaster strikes.



As businesses grow and their work becomes increasingly mobile, staying connected to customers and employees on the go becomes even more important. 

Implementing email solutions that empower your business can be a difficult process for companies because they often lack the technical knowledge and IT resources to properly analyze, plan and deploy the right options and services. Let our team of expert consultants create a customized solution for your business so you can achieve the desired results.



DMS Consulting brings the Cloud to all its clients through our wide range of hosting services and ensures that your mission-critical data and applications are well guarded against vulnerability and loss. 

Located in a state-of-the-art data center with world-class security and reliability we provide cloud and hosting services that deliver on-demand network access and high availability to the applications your business needs today while having the scalability to meet future demands.. 

Our dedicated team's focus is to monitor and maintain your IT infrastructure in order to keep your business running at its full capacity.



Remote access to the information you use to run your business is almost a given in today's environment. The challenge is to make that information accessible in a quick and secure way without compromising ease of use. 

DMS Consulting can help you understand the challenges of remote access and put together a plan that meets your businesses needs and expectations. We'll ask the right questions and provide you with solutions that meet your secure remote access requirements while maintaining a focus on budget.



What is Remote Backup? 

Remote Backup, sometimes referred to as online or cloud backup, allows companies to back up data to a remote, offsite location over existing internet bandwidth. This gives your business the ability to implement a data protection strategy that includes offsite storage of a backup of your data without requiring physical transportation of the data from your location to another remote storage location. 

Not all Remote Backup providers are alike. Your business cannot wait until a major data loss to discover your backup solution cannot restore your data. Let our team at DMS Consulting put together a remote backup strategy for your company that fits your requirements and budget so that you can rest easy knowing your data is protected.



Don't risk everything you've worked for. Adequate security is one of the most important considerations for any computer system. Let DMS Consulting's security experts leverage decades of experience to keep your organization safe from the myriad of security threats facing business owners today. 

Our technicians look at an businesses' IT security globally with an in-depth analysis covering everything from a review of IT policies, physical security, network security, hardware, software, firewall and remote access to discover and protect against vulnerabilities. 

Top ranked firms put their trust in DMS Consulting's proactive and multi-layered approach to information security to protect their technology assets. Let us design a security solution that is customized to meet the unique challenges and budgetary requirements your business faces.



What is VoIP? 

Voice over IP (VoIP) refers to the technologies and transmission techniques involved in the delivery of voice communications over the Internet. VoIP has evolved into a telephone network that can replace a traditional telephone system. VoIP allows both voice and data communications to be run over a single network, which can significantly reduce infrastructure costs. 

Businesses are migrating from traditional copper-wire telephone systems to VoIP business phone systems in greater numbers than ever seen before. It has radically changed telephony as we know it.

Why use VoIP? 

VOIP lets you save money while giving you advanced features which previously had been out of reach for most small to medium size businesses. Millions of organizations are benefitting from substantial savings after switching from their old telecom providers to a high quality, feature rich VoIP Solution. 

DMS Consulting has been helping to guide our clients on making informed decisions regarding their migration from traditional telephone systems to VoIP solutions since the technology emerged in the marketplace.