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DMS Consulting offers full IT Services – including planning, procurement, implementation, and ongoing management. 

We do more than just sell technology and services – we combine IT Consulting and decades of expertise to develop the right mix of technology and solutions to allow businesses to succeed in today's competitive marketplace. 

Proper data preservation provides a snapshot with timeline indicators of all types of data that will be extracted to prove or disprove a claim. From the organization of data, proper documentation on the chain of custody and tracking of physical devices our experts possess the specialized equipment and working knowledge to ensure that the strict industry data preservation and collection standards are respected. 

We become a virtual extension of our clients' businesses, helping them develop and maintain a technology strategy that aligns with their business needs and goals. DMS Consulting becomes a needed resource for our clients as their chief technology advisor. 

Through our IT consulting services, we show clients how to view technology differently – as a chance to take advantage of new opportunities, regardless of their challenge or budget. 

Consulting Services is a valuable resource for companies providing technology roadmaps and that help deliver the right business outcomes for organizations. 

We are able to do this because we have an unmatched knowledge of hardware and software, and a client-focused point of view to go with it. Our passion is for identifying the core elements of a technology problem through an extensive discover process, and then finding creative and practical solutions to help organizations grow and thrive. 

DMS Consulting meets with you to go over key business drivers, objectives, long term goals and current pain points. Our team delivers results through a solution-centric approach. This approach, based on years of experience optimizes technology investments through a proven methodology. 

DMS Consulting's team is constantly up-to-date on emerging technology and is our core strength when it comes down to other providers offering only point solutions. 



Why Use Managed Services? 

Peace of mind and a budgeted fixed monthly cost. DMS Consulting will work with you to understand your business availability needs and budget concerns. We will run a baseline assessment of your existing infrastructure to understand any potential weaknesses. We then optimize and document your computer network so that we can manage and support it effectively. After this we will custom tailor a service level agreement that defines your expectations and needs and take over responsibility for managing your IT infrastructure. 

Managed Services Overview 

DMS Consulting's approach to Managed Services takes care of backup and recovery, storage, security, network management, data management and selective software support and maintenance. These IT services are delivered with round-the-clock monitoring. With managed services our trained staff will respond to any issues proactively to reduce their impact on business operations.



More than ever before a company's productivity and performance depends on its network and IT infrastructure operations. Despite regular system checks and monitoring, problems could occur at any time. Nothing is more reassuring than knowing a simple phone call to a trusted partner will solve your issues. For over 20 years DMS Consulting has answered that call and delivered top notch IT support and proactive maintenance to our clients. 

Whether we are providing small and mid-sized companies with the IT knowledge and personnel they do not have in-house or augmenting a company's existing IT team, DMS Consulting can play a vital role in ensuring a stable and dependable IT infrastructure and business continuity. 

As a client of DMS Consulting you will have access to complete network support from our remote and onsite highly trained technicians should the need arise. DMS Consulting understands that response times are critical when you have technology issues.



DMS Consulting can assist organizations through the process of upgrading the core of their IT infrastructure - servers. By engaging our services you ensure a low risk upgrade and migration path to the most current hardware and software solutions on the market. We provide all the expert resources needed for a smooth and successful migration assuring minimal downtime during the process. 

The added benefit of having DMS Consulting work with your organization ensures that disaster recovery, redundancy and business continuity are built-in to any solution that is proposed. Being one of the first IT companies to standardize the implementation of virtualization of our clients' servers, DMS Consulting has a proven track record and methodology. 

Server virtualization enables you to run multiple virtual machines simultaneously on a single physical server. For example instead of having three physical computers in a server room, you have three virtual machines residing on a single physical server. Anything that can done with a physical machine can be done with a virtual machine. With virtualization come many benefits such as reduced hardware costs, increased uptime, improved disaster recovery and easier migration to the cloud among others.



The complexities of today's IT environment offer many challenges to our customers. Part of DMS Consulting's success is built on offering our valued clients the opportunity to deal with a single source not only for support, maintenance and IT services, but also for procurement of all your hardware and software needs. 

DMS Consulting is an authorized value added reseller of top-tier hardware and software. Having Partner Status with many of the industry's marquee manufacturers to ensure you are receiving the most aggressive pricing possible. 

Our sales professionals can assist and provide advice based on real world installation experience. We will work with you to provide the right solution at the right price. 

DMS Consulting installs, configures and supports every product that we sell. It's all part of our 'end-to-end' IT solution. 

As a provider of IT hardware support and maintenance, we have the experience to recommend product solutions that will deliver the optimum in total cost of ownership.



Information technology is the backbone of most companies therefore IT risks and controls must be managed properly. DMS Consulting performs IT Security Audits for companies computing systems and other business elements that are usually overlooked during initial network setups. 

Information technology is the backbone of most companies therefore IT risks and controls must be managed properly. DMS Consulting performs IT Security Audits for companies computing systems and other business elements that are usually overlooked during initial network setups. 

DMS Consulting ensures that our clients incorporate a best practice computing polices with recommended implementation and configuration of security hardware and software. By implementing managed firewall protection, anti-virus systems and secure remote access we mitigate the risks in today's complex technology environment. 

What is an IT Security Audit? 

A security audit is a process designed to assess the security risks facing a business and the controls or countermeasures adopted by the business to mitigate the risk. As part of a security audit the our team conducting the audit will interview key personnel, conduct vulnerability assessments, catalog existing security policies and controls, and examine IT assets covered by the scope of the audit. Specific technology tools will be used to conduct the Security Audit. 

Established in 1987 DMS Consulting is one of the leading IT Solutions providers in Montréal which offers IT Security Audits in a secure and confidential environment.